Crisis Planning
It happens. Despite all your best efforts, sooner or later you will be faced with a crisis situation that could destroy your corporate reputation and marketshare. When it does, you'd better be ready because in these days of social media and instant communication, bad news travels fast.
No one has to convince you that the time to plan for a crisis situation is long before it happens. But unfortunately, with the crush of business being what it is, too often crisis planning never makes it to the front burner until something bad happens...and then its too late.
We help our clients develop crisis plans that prepare the company to handle a wide variety of situations including:
  • Fires & explosions
  • Shootings, bomb threats & terrorist attacks
  • Natural disasters (hurricanes, tornados, flooding, etc.) that destroy key plants and disrupt supply chains
  • Product recalls
  • Plant closures
  • Supply chain disruptions by your suppliers that affects your ability to meet your deliveries to key customers
  • Government investigations
  • And more...
Also, don't be lulled into thinking that you've automatically got this base covered via your APQP procedures. While this may actually be the case, many a CEO has been unpleasantly surprised to find that this kind of crisis planning is often not kept update or communicated to the right people effectively. It is not unusual to find that when a crisis strikes, many of the people listed as "go-to" people in a crisis have left the company or been promoted and moved to another location. We can help make sure the right questions get asked and ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. Want to at least talk about it? Give our President John R. Wirtz a call for private consultation @ 330-476-2423.