Experience On Both Sides of the Desk

Unlike many sales & marketing consultants and agencies, Pinpointe Marketing has deep industrial marketing experience from both the consulting and corporate sides of the desk. This balanced and unique perspective helps ensure that the ideas, programs and activities we propose to your company provide real world solutions to your real world challenges like generating better leads, nurturing prospects till they are ready to buy, getting more out of attending trade shows, crisis planning, web marketing and more.

We've Walked A Mile In Your Shoes We understand that as a member of your management team, there is no place to hide if your marketing program fails to produce results on both the top and bottom line. We understand this because we've been there ourselves.

As a result, we will only develop, present and implement sales & marketing programs that produce a measurable return on investment. Our mantra is simple. If you can't measure it... don't do it. This philosophy helps ensure that whatever marketing dollars you spend to drive sales are spent wisely.