How To Use Video For Business
This article from Hubspot serves as a good primer for industrial companies just getting into video selling tools.

The One Percent Solution
To advance the general body of knowledge pertaining to corporate performance management, SSA Global(TM) commissioned Rod Clarke, an independent consultant, to research the topic. He produced "The 1% Solution," an executive report with a proposition as profound as it is simple. The concepts here apply to all companies, but have particular relevance to those in the manufacturing sector.

Avoiding Integration Mistakes
Maximizing profits is not about what goes wrong during an acquisition -- it's about a company's ability to avoid or recover from "big" mistakes. The planning and execution of merger or acquisition integration activities are filled with unexpected risks. Tough decisions need to be made quickly without the benefit of perfect information. This article from Deborah House from The Adare Group, provides some common sense guidance.

Try A Sales Blitz
Many manufacturers can't seem to motivate their reps or salespeople to call on prospects and develop them into new customers. There is a relatively simple, fun and inexpensive way to remedy this situation. It's called a sales blitz. Few companies are aware of it and fewer use it. In this article, Dave Kahle, a well known sales productivity expert, describes how to use a sales blitz.

Social Media Use In The Industrial Sector
When integrated into your overall marketing efforts, social media offers another opportunity for businesses to engage in conversations with their audiences: customers, prospects, industry followers and others.

The Best Years of the Auto Industry Are Still to Come
This article from Booz & Company offers an interesting perspective on the future of the auto industry. What makes it particularly interesting is that the article was written in 2009 during the heart of the deep recession.

Fast Forward: Strategic Planning Reality Checklist
A strategic plan starts with good intentions, but is virtually useless without implementation. Achieving solid results depends on a plan that is attainable and based in fact. The following checklist will help you avoid some common traps that come back to haunt sales leaders over the course of the year.

How To Get The Most Out Of That Bird In Your Hand
This article from Deloitte & Touche discusses ten tips for growing profitable revenue with the customers you already have.

Commodization...What To Do About It
Commoditization...destroys margins, erodes brands and seriously hinders your ability to differentiate your products. Here's what to do about it.

Bringing Discipline to Strategy
Are you making three very big--and often very bad--assumptions? Don't assess uncertainty unless you are willing to abandon your favorite formulas. Bets and options may be more important than positioning choices. This article from McKinsey Quarterly discusses how to avoid the latest "fads" in corporate strategy.

The Power of Factory Thinking In Sales & Marketing
This article from Eloqua discusses how leading companies are using management techniques, traditionally applied to manufacturing, to optimize and accelerate the demand generation process.

Low Bidding Is No Way To Lower Costs
This article from Dr. David M. Andersen of HalfCost, discusses how bidding for the cheapest parts is not only an ineffective way to achieve real cost reduction, but it can substantially raise less-obvious costs and compromise other important goals like quality and delivery.

Marketing to Engineering, Technical, Industrial and Manufacturing Professionals:
This article from the folks at Globalspec outlines how leading manufacturers are marketing to engineers and other technical professionals and what seems to be working the best.

Reaching the Technical Buyer
Today, the Internet has emerged as the marketing medium that delivers the most impact and greatest return on investment for manufacturers. The reason: their target audience of engineers and technical buyers are on the Internet. This article from Globalspec examines how these changes are effecting the buying and selling of industrial products.