Visioneering is the process of helping a company create a vision for the future and then engineering a process to make it happen. Sometimes it involves what we affectionately call "whale hunting"...going after accounts that are often 10-20X larger than those normally pursued. Oher times,  a more traditional approach that blends the beest of traditional industrial marketing with the power of the internet is warranted.In either case, the goal is to create the kind of explosive growth it takes to enable a company to hire and retain the best people, invest in new technology and pursue strategic acquisitions.   To learn how Visioneering can help you generate explosive growth,  contact our President John R. Wirtz for a private consultation @ 330-476-2423.
1. Discovery
Any good sales & marketing program begins with a long, hard look in the mirror and an assessment of what is currently being done well and what needs some help.

2. Innovation
One of the best ways to create explosive growth is to change the playing field. We have a formal process for helping your find ways to innovate how you do business.

3. Pinpointe a unique selling position
If you're selling on price, its your own fault. We'll help you differentiate yourself on something other than price.

4. Inbound Marketing
One of the best ways to find new customers is to have them find you. Inbound marketing leverages the power of the internet to identify customers who are looking for exactly what you sell.

5. whale Hunting
For many companies the path to explosive growth means learning how to land contracts 10-20X larger than those they normally pursue. We'll show you how.

6.Track & Measure Results
Every sales & marketing activity undertaken must be measurable and drive sales. The golden rule is... if you can't measure it, don't do it.