Case Studies
Creating An Independent Rep Program
Putting more feet on the street without increasing overhead was a major corporate initiative. The response was the development of a comprehensive independent rep program that replaced ineffective current reps, a new commission program, a new rep agreement & non-compete; a host of selling tools, a training program and more. In seven months the company went from three reps in two states to 20 reps in 10 states in three countries.

Turning A Crisis Into An Opportunity...and Market Share
In a time when adverse publicity and class action law suits were threatening to destroy the EIFS industry, we used some innovative thinking to turn the crisis into an opportunity to grab some serious market share. The program raised our client from the number eight player in the industry to number two in fewer than 18 months.

Launching A Newly Formed Company
When our client merged with a significantly larger competitor they needed a complete overhaul of their sales & marketing program, including a new marketing plan, a new website, a new independent rep organization, a new corporate name & identity, new selling tools, and a gentle merging of two cultures. In addition the company decided to consolidate all the operations of both companies into a new facility.

New Product Development
Created more than $20 million in value in two years, by re-energizing the sales and marketing team; adding new revenues streams; opening new channels of distribution and forcing significant price increases through the customer base. Tactics included advertising, public relations, marketing research, internet marketing, whitepapers, crisis communications, new product development, trade shows, strategic planning, merger integration and more

Turnaround Sales Following Five Down Years
Developed new strategic vision for company; instituted new product development program that created a steady stream of incremental and breakthrough products. Completed the turnaround in less than two years, posting an overall increase in sales of more 23% and quadrupling EBITDA. Increased the fenestration business by more than 42% and the sound wall business by more than 73%..

Slash Time-To-Market
Worked with the customer and our engineering, production and quality control teams to develop a replicable Rapid Product Launch program. Slashed time-to-market for this new product for the fenestration market from the traditional 6-12 months to 42 days. Getting to market first resulted in an estimated sales windfall to our customer of more than $25 million.

Lead Generation Via Editorial Marketing
Developed and implemented an editorial marketing program for Tremco Sealants to differentiate their products from cheaper, less effective sealants. The campaign utilized heavy editorial marketing because the client did not have the budget to attack the competition with paid advertising. The Program produced 126 stories in key publications and generated more than 1,000 qualified leads. ROI on marketing dollars invested was 20:1.

Halt Erosion of Market Share
Needed to halt erosion of market share and regain our position as the industry leader in fire fighting equipment. Developed action plan, did primary research with fire chiefs, introduced new products, pursued patent violations from emerging competitors, produced innovative ad series, direct mail, web marketing, etc. Result... double digit sales increases for 3 straight years, regained lost market share, re-established leadership position.

Posted Record Sales In A Depressed Market
Company had not landed new business for three years. Helped carve out a unique position in market; diversify into new markets; create new website & selling tools; launch independent rep program; open 113 new doors, etc. Result... Back to back record sales in two of the worst years in the history of the U.S. automotive industry.

Create A Difference Between Competitors
On the surface it looked like there were no real differences between our client and their competitors. But with over 70,000 plastics options, selecting the best resin alternative for a customer's project is where our client added unusual value. We created the Art of Resinology to differentiate our client's core competencies from those of their competitors on something other than price. Both quote opportunities and revenues have steadily increased.

Market Diversification...Picking The Right Adjacencies
When deciding to diversify from automotive, our client had 38 adjacent markets to choose from. Working together we developed a unique methodology to rate each option and rank them in priority order based on total number of prospects, total value of shipments, percent of value add, five year growth rates, barriers to penetration, potential target products and number of key competitors. The methodology helped us choose markets based on data and facts rather than just gut feelings.