Our Business Model

Pinpointe Marketing is a highly specialized consultancy focused exclusively on the sales and marketing of highly engineered industrial products. What makes us different?

Well, for starters, we’ve walked that proverbial “mile in your shoes.” Literally. Our team of senior level professional sales & marketing executives have all worked on both the corporate and consulting sides of the desk. They have started and run their own businesses, served as vice presidents of sales & marketing at major manufacturing companies, worked for the big consulting firms and served as presidents or vice presidents at major advertising, PR and marketing agencies.

Another thing that makes us different is that unlike a traditional marketing firm, we are not saddled with the high corporate overhead associated with having a large staff of employees and expensive office suites. We have avoided these costs by putting together a team of senior level executives with complementary skills to work directly with our clients to solve their sales & marketing challenges. Each of these industrial sales & marketing experts is an independent contractor operating under an exclusive agreement with Pinpointe Marketing.

This arrangement enables us to provide you with world-class counsel and support for about half of what a traditional agency would normally charge. And, because these experts are not employees, we are able to match your needs with a professional that is perfectly suited to your needs. Because all our associates have 20-30 years real world experience in marketing industrial products, it is highly unlikely that one of us hasn’t had direct experience with the kind of challenges you are facing. This is a very different experience than you will get at a traditional agency where a couple senior people pitch your business, but once the deal is signed, they put a team of young, inexperienced practioners on your account to do the work…the sales & marketing profession’s version of the old “bait & switch”.

World class work, affordable fees and people who’ve been there before. Give us a call, you can have it all.