New Rules of Engagement For Industrial Marketing
Times have changed. Traditional industrial marketing is dead. The internet killed it. Manufacturing companies that make highly engineered products who don't change their ways risk suffering a similar fate. This whitepaper discusses the "new rules of engagement" for marketing engineered industrial products.

10 Steps to Effective E-Mail Marketing
Updated strategies and actionable steps to help B2B and B2C marketers deliver integrated and measurable email marketing campaigns in today's quickly changing online landscape. Written by Aprimo Marketing Studio.

How to Brainstorm Great Content to Generate Leads
It's hard to figure out what your audience wants to hear. It's harder still to offer content they'll connect with and respond to. Effective marketing starts with great content. But you can't be effective when you don't know how to start. Whether you need a good starting place or you're out of ideas, this guide will help you brainstorm inbound marketing content to convert those prospects into customers.

Unlocking The Value of Your CRM System
This whitepaper, authored by Peppers & Rogers Group, discusses the critical steps to integrating strategy and technology to establish a successful customer-focused sales & marketing strategy.

Merger Integration
Studies show that 50-80% of all mergers and acquisitions fail... and often the main culprit is poor communications not bad due diligence, operational factors or financial missteps. The whitepaper discusses how paying attention to how you communicate when integrating a new member into the corporate family can greatly increase your odds of success.

2012 Industrial Marketing Planning Kit
This whitepaper from global spec discusses how to develop marketing strategies that target engineering, technical, industrial and manufacturing professionals.

Online Trade Shows
Who attends GlobalSpec Online Trade Shows Events? Influential decision makers from the engineering, manufacturing and industrial communities - in other words, your buyers. They gather, online and in real time, to interact with exhibitors, attend educational sessions and enjoy other benefits. Many of them are simply not reachable through any other method.

Search Engine Marketing For Industrial Marketers
When done correctly, SEO can drive relevant traffic to your Web site, which can be converted into qualified leads and sales. This white paper will help you understand how SEO can fit into your marketing strategy, calculate the resources required for SEO, and become familiar with the range of basic and advanced SEO techniques you can implement.

This Is Why You Lost the Contract
This is a great piece by Andrew Sobel, President of Andrew Sobel Consulting. He was asked to investigate why a client lost a major contract. The letter is what he learned from the client. It is quite instructive for all of us.

Winning Industrial Websites
A high-quality Web site reflects your corporate identity and is often the first impression a potential customer receives of your company, products and services. This whitepaper shows how industrial marketers are using user-friendly design and clear and concise messaging to capture visitors' interest in the first few moments that they arrive on the site.

Template for Blog Marketing
This whitepaper from Marketing Profs delves beneath the hype and discusses what blogging can do for your company's marketing efforts. It demonstrates that blogging is a tool you can add to your marketing arsenal rather than a cure-all to fix all your marketing challenges.

The Definitive Guide to Lead Nuturing
The goal of this guide from the folks at Marketo is to arm B2B marketers with the ultimate resource for lead nurturing, whether you're just starting to think about lead nurturing in your business or are looking for ways to enhance and optimize your existing programs.

Linked In For Business Success Stories
This whitepaper from the Marketing Profs shows how 11 companies are using Linked In to achieve their business and marketing goals.

Guide to Successful Social Media Program
This whitepaper from Marketing Profs outlines what you need to know to establish your strategy, policies and your team to launch a successful industrial social media program.

High Impact Lead Generation
Qualified leads are the lifeblood of your sales activity and a critical component in determining the success of your salespeople. An innovative lead generation and delivery program is also one of the most effective ways for a marketing department to distinguish itself. This whitepaper from Harte-Hanks outlines how it's done.

A Practical Guide to Killer Content
This whitepaper from Hubspot outlines some ground rules for developing killer content that draws prospective customers to your website.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
This whitepaper provides a step by step process for getting started with search engine optimization to reach your business goals.

Getting Found Online
Today, consumers start their shopping experience by looking on the Internet, in the search engines, the blogosphere, and social media sites. In order to remain competitive, businesses' websites need to be found online by the consumers already searching for the products and services that you sell.

Essential Guide to Writing E-Books
Relevant content is the key to generating high quality leads that can be turned into sales. This E-book from Hubspot is a great summary of what it takes to make this happen.

Effective E-Mail: The Seven Glden Rules You Know (But May Forget to Follow)
This white paper aims to describe the rules that define best practice in the area of e-mail marketing. The rules that are outlined will help any company maximize the returns on their e-mail campaigns, by delivering messages to a receptive and fully engaged audience.

Engineering Change in a Product Driven Company
This whitepaper is intended to be a thought starter for engineers and managers at industrial manufacturing firms that wish to change their company from a product or engineering-driven firm to a more customer-centric organization.