We're Specialists in The Complex Sales Space

The sales process and selling cycles for highly engineered components is vastly different from those for commodity industrial products. As a result, the sales & marketing programs used to sell engineered products also needs to be vastly different than those used to sell commodity products.

Unfortunately, too many marketing firms that just dabble in the industrial products area paint engineered products with the same brush as commodity products...and the result is predictably dismal.
If you make engineered products, you need a sales & marketing firm that understands the complex sales space. They need to know how to:

  • Navigate the "new rules of engagement" for engineered products
  • Market simultaneously to several different decision makers and influencers...who can even be in different companies
  • Attract qualified prospects with inbound marketing rather than traditional industrial marketing (outbound marketing)
  • Accelerate a prospect's discontent with their present suppliers
  • Pull prospects through the sales funnel to shorten time to revenue
  • Generate selling tools that are matched to each step in the selling process...which has been dramatically altered due to the internet.
  • Nurture prospects through buying cycles that can be as long as 18-36 months.


We specialize in the sales and marketing of engineered products...and in many cases, we can do it better, faster and cheaper than you can do it yourself. If you're not sure you are getting your share of the pie, give us a call.