Why Hiring A Small Firm Makes Sense

The top two reasons that marketing firm/client relationships succeed or fail is value and responsiveness. When a client sees the firm move quickly to bring real value to the table, iit works. When they don't...it doesn't. It really is that simple.

Hiring a large industrial marketing firm today often costs at least $10-20,000 a month, and that is not even the higher end firms. So it is easy to see why many industrial companies are hiring smaller marketing firms.

A small firm has minimal overhead and can often produce higher quality work for less money. This is because smaller firms are headed by highly experienced marketing pros who usually have worked for the large firms. They have the experience, but not the overhead, and can therefore give their clients more effort and produce more results for less money. When searching for an industrial marketing firm, make sure you know what you are paying for.

Will you be investing in the time, experience and talent you need to grow your top line, or will you be paying for fancy offices and getting inexperienced personnel to represent you?

It is your choice. If you're the kind of company that prefers the former rather than the latter, give our President John R. Wirtz a call for a private consultation @ 330-476-2423.