Sales Channel Development

It is not unusual for industrial manufacturers to employ the services of outside sales channel partners (independent reps, distributors, dealers) to help generate sales and support customers in the field.
We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your present organization and partners and then determine which sales channels make the most sense for your company. Typical assignments in sales channel development include:

  • Evaluating your current selling organization
  • Determining which channels your customers are currently using
  • Developing a program to recruit, train and support independent reps, distributors or dealers:
    • Develop profile of "good fit" candidates
    • Create the entire rep, dealer or distributor program from scratch, including structuring a commission system, assigning territories, drafting a written agreement and non-compete, etc.
    • Establish the perfect profile and recruit, negotiate, sign and train rep candidates either in conjunction with your team or turnkey
  • Working with your internal sales team to develop prospect "hit lists" and develop and launch a CRM system to manage your sales program.