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The New Rules for Selling Engineered Products

Times have changed. Traditional industrial marketing is dead. The internet killed it.

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Land Bigger Deals

Learning how to go after bigger contracts can generate the kind of revenue it takes to break through the feast or famine cycles that plague so many small to mid-sized manufacturers.

Develop Marketing Strategies That Work

Strategic marketing plans; niche market plans; customer analytics market segmentation; strategic positioning, branding, marketing automation, etc.

Create Selling Strategies & Tools

Strategic sales plans; key account plans; trade show strategies/support; collateral materials; website development/marketing; catalogs; PR, Direct Marketing, sales presentations; etc.

Develop/Jumpstart Sales Channels

Sales Channel selection & strategy; independent rep programs & recruiting; sales channel support programs, dealer support, distributor support and recruitment; etc.

Outsource Your Marketing Management

Need sales & marketing help but don't want to add overhead? Outsource the position to us, we'll serve as a true extension of your existing management team for less than the cost of hiring someone internally.

Plan For A Crisis

Sooner or later it happens A fire or tornado takes out a plant;. A key product fails in the field, labor strikes, etc. When disaster strikes, we can help you minimize the damage and sell through the turmoil.